Dr. Larry Langston

Desire or a Wish?

Desire or a Wish? What is it you really want? Really? Are you sure it’s something you desire, or is it only a wish? Because there is a difference. If you desire it, you will invest your time, talent, treasure, prayers and spiritual creativity to pursue it. If it’s only a wish, […]

Why Not Today?

Why Not Today? It’s a new year, what many call a new beginning. Countless people have set “New Year’s Resolutions,” determining to set new habits and overcome bad ones. Others openly mock such intentions and call it a waste of time. I’ve often wondered why we would ever attempt to discourage anyone […]

The Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast It’s a wonderful time of the year to focus on fresh direction and renewed purpose. One manner of finding focus is to embark on a fast, that means abstaining from food. Although there are several ways to fast, the Daniel Fast is one of the most popular. It has […]