Dr. Larry Langston

Backseat Drivers

Backseat Drivers

We were driving two of our grandchildren, Hailey (age 3) & Nicholas (age 10) to church Sunday morning. From the back seat, Hailey says, “Papa, you took a wrong turn!” I was shocked. Already? At age three, becoming a back-seat driver already? This occurred several times before we arrived.

After service, we drove to our son John’s home for lunch. Upon leaving, Hailey then insisted, “Papa, drive faster, we need to go fast!” Nicholas spoke up and said, “Hailey, don’t say that, we can’t drive fast, we will get arrested!”
“Arrested? What’s that, she asked?” We will have to go to jail for five years for driving fast, he replied!”

At that moment, we noticed a Sheriff’s blue lights flashing as he pulled someone over on an adjoining roadway. “Look Nicholas and Hailey, the police just pulled someone over for speeding!” Diann pointed out. Nicholas shouts, “Oh my God!”

We nearly collapsed laughing at those two. It was fun all day with them. (Life begins with grandchildren!)