Dr. Larry Langston

Understanding and Coping with Depression

Depression is a complex and often misunderstood emotional state that can affect anyone, regardless of their faith or background. It is very important to address depression with empathy, understanding, and the healing power of God’s love. In this chapter, we will explore the various factors contributing to depression, how to cope with […]

Reading the Bible With Understanding

Reading the Bible is a cornerstone of Christian faith, offering wisdom, guidance, and connection with God. Yet, delving into its pages can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing. This chapter will explore how to read your Bible more effectively, focusing on understanding, applying, and cultivating a deeper relationship with God. Approach with Humility […]

Recovering From Big Mistakes

Failure is a universal experience, a reminder of our humanity and our need for grace. However, we can find solace in God’s unfailing love and the promise of redemption, even in the midst of our shortcomings. In this chapter, we will explore how to navigate failure from a biblical viewpoint, addressing mistakes, […]

Embracing God Through Prayer

Prayer is a powerful means of communication with God, allowing us to express our hearts, seek guidance, and draw closer to Him. However, effective prayer involves more than words; it is a journey of connection and intimacy. This chapter will explore the steps to effective prayer, including focusing on sincerity, alignment with […]

Being a Bold Witness for Christ

Today, we’re equipping you with some great insights about sharing the love and message of Christ with others fearlessly and confidently. So, let’s prepare to be a bold witness for Christ daily. Facing Your Fears Being a bold witness doesn’t mean we’re never scared; it means we choose not to let fear […]


INCH BY INCH Do you feel like giving up? Have you encountered obstacles? Do your plans and goals seem like they are further away than when you began? Don’t quit! Haven’t you heard that “Inch by inch, anything is a cinch!” Just keep going. Press on. You may be closer than you […]

Never Quit!

Never Quit! Perhaps you have been faithfully pursuing your dream. You ran into some obstacles. But you went over them, around them, under them, or through them. (LOL) Now for some reason you are feeling discouraged. You may be asking yourself, “Will I ever have the breakthrough I need? When will I […]