Dr. Larry Langston

Find the Silver Lining

Find the Silver Lining Finding the silver lining (in the cloud) has often been referenced regarding discovering a benefit in a problem, the positive in a negative, and the blessing in the trial. Yesterday I had the opportunity to have breakfast with some friends from out of state who had come to […]

Trump Meetings & the Privilege of Prayer

Trump Meetings & the Privilege of Prayer President Donald J. Trump has been meeting with a wide variety of politicians, business leaders, and experts from various fields. And taking an unusual approach he has met with close friends and foes alike. Commentators and pundits alike have expressed surprise over his meetings with […]

Backseat Drivers

Backseat Drivers We were driving two of our grandchildren, Hailey (age 3) & Nicholas (age 10) to church Sunday morning. From the back seat, Hailey says, “Papa, you took a wrong turn!” I was shocked. Already? At age three, becoming a back-seat driver already? This occurred several times before we arrived. After […]

Desire or a Wish?

Desire or a Wish? What is it you really want? Really? Are you sure it’s something you desire, or is it only a wish? Because there is a difference. If you desire it, you will invest your time, talent, treasure, prayers and spiritual creativity to pursue it. If it’s only a wish, […]

Why Not Today?

Why Not Today? It’s a new year, what many call a new beginning. Countless people have set “New Year’s Resolutions,” determining to set new habits and overcome bad ones. Others openly mock such intentions and call it a waste of time. I’ve often wondered why we would ever attempt to discourage anyone […]

The Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast It’s a wonderful time of the year to focus on fresh direction and renewed purpose. One manner of finding focus is to embark on a fast, that means abstaining from food. Although there are several ways to fast, the Daniel Fast is one of the most popular. It has […]