Dr. Larry Langston

We Just Drove Through a Car!

We Just Drove Through a Car! The newest release by Dr. Larry, Stories of Miracles & Grace, can be ordered directly from this site. Simply click on Order Now to the right of the picture of the book. This collection of stories reflects adventures and miracles Larry & Diann Langston have experienced […]

Communicating Successful Life Principles

Communicating Successful Life Principles Salvation, healing, and deliverance for the body, soul, and spirit is available for everyone through faith in the finished works of the Lord Jesus Christ. He paid the penalty for every sin, shortcoming, and failure we would ever experience by His death, burial, and resurrection. We are declared […]

Communication & Leadership Development

Communication & Leadership Development Dr. Larry has been privileged to assist in developing hundreds of leaders in business and non-profit corporations. He loves working with leaders and teams! To best assist your group, consider the following questions. Dr. Larry will want to discuss these with you prior to scheduling an event. If […]

Schedule Dr. Larry

Schedule Dr. Larry You may schedule Dr. Larry for the following events by using the contact from below. Thank you for your consideration. Events: Conferences Leadership Development Missions Goal Setting & Achievement, The Biblical Way Vision Casting Team Building Ministry Development The DAFA System Consulting, Counseling, or Mentoring Retreats Dr. Larry has […]

Consulting, Counseling, or Mentoring

Consulting, Counseling, or Mentoring Dr. Larry has been privileged to see positive personal growth in the lives of hundreds of people he has counseled or mentored. As a consultant, he has spoken to over one-hundred businesses and corporations. He served as a pastor and community leader for over twenty-five years in the […]

The Philippine Mission

The Philippine Mission The island of Mindanao is located 500 miles south of the Capital of Manila. It was named as one of the top ten most dangerous places in the world. The nearly fifty-year struggle between various anti-governmental groups, including the New People’s Army (NPA) and the government has displaced 120,000 […]