Dr. Larry Langston

Communicating Successful Life Principles

Communicating Successful Life Principles

What am I to believe? Where do I go for clear, concise information that will assist me in living a successful life? Who do I read? How can I be sure their information is correct or that their advice is worthwhile? This is the dilemma many people face.

There is more information available now than at anytime in our world’s history. Much of it is helpful, but often it is not. Information, facts, or statistics may not always contain the wisdom we need to apply to the challenges of life.

I remember sitting in my office pondering what advice I should be sharing with the numerous counselees coming to see me. Their problems were extensive. I often saw several people a day. I really wanted to offer them sound advice. I had a counselor’s library which I often consulted, but I often felt inadequate. And I was unsure that the usual, standard advice to life’s challenging issues were helpful. People had been wounded, and were hurting, and handicapped by life issues, often for decades.

That’s when I discovered “Prescriptions from God’s Word.” I continued to listen intently to each person. I made notes. We did “discovery.” (More on this can be found in the DAFA System on this website.) Then I literally gave them a written prescription from the Bible, God’s Word. And I advised them just like a medical doctor would. “Take all this prescription every day, twice a day for two weeks, and come back to see me.”

Honestly; I wrote out a series of scripture references that addressed their situation. I asked them to meditate on them, pray them into their spirit, and walk out the advice the Holy Scriptures revealed. Results were incredible!

The counselees made solid progress and came to health and healing more rapidly and completely when they followed the prescription given.

Successful Life Principles are based on The Bible, the Word of God. It is the handbook on life. Our creator, Father God, designed His Word to be a “Lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path.”(Psalms 119:105). And Psalms 107:20 states “He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from destruction.”

When we take His prescription, the Life Principles of His Word, we find direction, health, healing, and advice that really works………. guaranteed!