Dr. Larry Langston

Communication & Leadership Development

Communication & Leadership Development

Dr. Larry has been privileged to assist in developing hundreds of leaders in business and non-profit corporations.

He loves working with leaders and teams!

To best assist your group, consider the following questions. Dr. Larry will want to discuss these with you prior to scheduling an event. If these answers aren’t’ readily available, Dr. Larry can meet with you to discuss them. Or a phone conference might be helpful.

  1. What do you wish to accomplish with your leaders?
  2. What do you feel they need to become more efficient, more productive, or become a better team member?
  3. How long has each team member been with your organization?
  4. Do you understand the personalities of each member? Have you done personality analysis?
  5. Do you know how each of your team members best learn? Audio? Visual? Other?
  6. Do you know their hobbies?
  7. What are their challenges; personally, or professionally?
  8. What is the mission of your organization?
  9. What are the goals of your organization?
  10. How do you set goals?
  11. How do you measure your progress?
  12. How do you communicate your mission and goals to the organization?
  13. What methods, events, or materials have you utilized in the past to help enhance your team?
  14. Do you have vacant positons you need to fill?
  15. Are you planning to phase out a positon, a department, or do you need to terminate an employee or transfer that employee to a different department?
  16. Do you need or have plans to add a department or add new hires?
  17. How often do you meet with your team?
  18. What methods of communication do you use; daily, weekly, quarterly?
  19. Do you have a personal interaction or a public speaking training program?
  20. Do you have a regularly scheduled retreat, get away, training sessions or other team building activity?
  21. How do you celebrate organizational achievements?
  22. How do you celebrate personal achievements of the team members?
  23. What makes you happiest to be this teams leader?
  24. What challenges you the most as this teams leader?
  25. How long do you plan to continue leading this group?
Leadership Development, Corporate Goal Setting, Vision Casting, and Team Building seminars or sessions are available.