Dr. Larry Langston

Find the Silver Lining

Find the Silver Lining

Finding the silver lining (in the cloud) has often been referenced regarding discovering a benefit in a problem, the positive in a negative, and the blessing in the trial.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have breakfast with some friends from out of state who had come to Houston for a funeral of a relative. I had not seen them for a few years and I grasped the opportunity to visit with them. But I was saddened when I realized my friend, Charles, had lost 90% of his vision. “How are you? How is this affecting your daily life?” I asked. “I decided that I would not allow the loss of my sight to define me, “he answered. “I’m going to do all the things I possibly can, (he does!) and live my life to the fullest extent possible. “

He continued, “You have to learn to laugh at yourself. For instance, I was shopping with my wife. She had walked ahead of me. Although I can see a little, usually enough to find my way down a wide isle, I walked directly into a man. I began to apologize profusely.  ‘I’m so sorry sir. Please excuse me, I just didn’t see you there.’ About that time my wife walked up and said, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘I’m apologizing to this man, I walked into,’ I said. ‘Charles! You walked into a mirror!’ she said. ‘So, I just laughed; you’ve got to laugh at yourself.”

“Then I learned I have cancer. And I had to think about it. And again, I decided that I’m going to live my life to the fullest and do all I can, and when I drop over………. Well, I can’t lose because of where I’m going!”

Wow! What an amazing attitude. He found the silver lining even in his dark clouds.

Do you have a cloud hanging over you? A problem or trial, or disappointment? Find your silver lining; it’s there. Sometimes we just have to search for it. But it’s there.