Dr. Larry Langston

God Saved our Lives Today

God Saved our Lives Today

On a beautiful, Sunday evening Diann and I were driving into Orlando to speak at a new church launch. Suddenly, building materials and a ladder came flying off a truck ahead of us. I had no choice but to take immediate evasive action as it appeared that they would come through our windshield, among them a sheet of wall board.

As I changed lanes at nearly 70 mph, the car strongly fishtailed to the right. I gently corrected but then it fishtailed to the left. (Always turn in the direction of the skid) It was dicey, but I felt that we would come out of the skid, when apparently, the right front tire went flat from the angle of stress. At that time, I lost all control.

We were all over I-4 during heavy traffic. It seemed that we did a couple of circle eights. Then, facing the wrong way in traffic, we went into a fast slide back across the lanes of traffic and toward the guardrail.

I saw the guardrail coming and I knew there was no way that we could miss broadsiding it at a fast rate of speed. It was inevitable. That’s when I heard Diann calling on the Name of the Lord……. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Somehow……miraculously…. quickly……. the car came to abrupt stop just inches from the guardrail. We were amazed and at first speechless. Our car was facing the wrong direction, traffic was flying by us and Diann could have reached out her window and touched the metal, barricaded guardrail. We only had a small crease in the right front fender of the car, which we did not even notice until the next day.

I turned the car around, as traffic permitted, and we got back on the highway. That’s when we noticed that the right front tire was flat. So, we pulled back onto the grass and concrete shoulder and called AAA. Someone had called 911, so emergency services arrived, then the police. Traffic was backed up a long way as they blocked one lane of traffic. We insisted we were all fine, and they soon left.

About a half hour later we were back on our way to the church launch of Overcomers International. We were about forty-five minutes late. We were still thanking God for His awesome protection……we could have easily been killed…. but God, who is rich in mercy had His hand upon us and spared us to continue what He has planned for us to do.

By the way…. the service was great. The new church was launched and the congregation and eight pastors and their wives who were present seemed greatly encouraged by the Word of the Lord strategically designed by God to encourage and enhance their effectiveness.

All glory, honor, and thanksgiving to God! Thank you Lord for sparing our life today!