Dr. Larry Langston

Pray Like Crazy & Eat Lots of Chocolate this Year!

Pray Like Crazy & Eat Lots of Chocolate this Year!

In 1996 Tony Bullimore, a British sailor from Bristol, England was competing in a single-handed around the world race. His yacht, the Exide Challenger capsized on January 4, 1997 in the Antarctica Ocean. His boat had broken in half, the waters were freezing, and he was missing.

Nearly everyone, except his wife, believed he was dead. But after 5 days, part of his yacht was spotted. When divers knocked on the side of the boat, they were shocked to hear knocks coming back from inside. Bullimore had survived by breathing from a large air bubble near the ceiling of the overturned boat.

After his rescue, the 57 – year old sailor was asked how he managed to survive for five days in total darkness and freezing waters. I prayed like crazy and ate lots of chocolate, he replied.

This sounds like a great plan of action for 2017!