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Goal Setting & Achievement, The Biblical Way

Vision Casting

Team Building

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Dr. Larry has been privileged to see positive personal growth in the lives of hundreds of people he has counseled or mentored. As a consultant, he has spoken to over one-hundred businesses and corporations.

He served as a pastor and community leader for over twenty-five years in the United States and has conducted community and economic development, church planting and mission outreaches in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Philippine Islands.

Dr. Larry continues to consult with and encourage business leaders, churches, and pastors throughout the world.   

He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including:  

  • Master’s Degree, THM: Moody Theological Seminary
  • Doctors Degree, THD: Heritage University & Seminary
  • Named to “Outstanding Young Men of America”
  • Named to “Who’s Who in Religion” in America
  • Owner of Water Damage & Roofing Specialists of Texas, LLC since 2014
  • Founding President, Liberty Center Emergency Shelter
  • Founding President, Apostolic Mission Strategies / Global Mission Strategies
  • Declared “Larry Langston Day,” Sandusky, County by the City of Fremont, Ohio and Sandusky County Commissioners.
  • Awarded Community Service Award by the NAACP
  • Named, “Toastmaster of the Year” by Georgia-Carolina Toastmasters
  • Past Vice President of Artists Music Guild
  • Former Director of Better You Products, USA & Ghana, West Africa
  • Private Pilot License since 1994
  • Honorary Vice President of Blessed Hope Foundation, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

Dr. Larry’s approach is unique, personal, and insightful. “You will hear a word behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” Isaiah 30: 21

He relies heavily on scriptural principles and biblical prescriptions for counsel and mentoring.

Leadership Development, Corporate Goal Setting, Vision Casting, and Team Building seminars or sessions are available.

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