Dr. Larry Langston

The Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast

It’s a wonderful time of the year to focus on fresh direction and renewed purpose. One manner of finding focus is to embark on a fast, that means abstaining from food.

Although there are several ways to fast, the Daniel Fast is one of the most popular. It has its roots in the book of Daniel 10:2 “In those days, I Daniel was mourning (fasting) for three weeks. I ate no delicacies, (no sweets or deserts) no meat, or wine (favorite beverage) entered my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, for the full three weeks. “

So basically, the standard Daniel Fast usually consists of you determining how long you will “fast.” Then eating only vegetables, no meat or sweets or deserts and not drinking your favorite beverage. This might be coffee, tea, or another favorite drink. You may experience a headache because of withdrawals from sugar. But after two or three days your energy level will soar, your head will clear, and your body will begin to free itself from built up toxins.

The Daniel Fast is most effective if you invest time in prayer, reading, and reflection. Don’t rush the process. Clear your head, slow down the daily rush, and see what fresh direction, purpose, and focus you experience.

A Partial Fast means you chose to “fast” or give up a food or beverage or pleasure for a specific period of time.

The more “Complete Fast” involves abstaining from all food intake and drinking only water.

I personally believe that any fast, even a variation of one, can be physically and spiritually beneficial when accompanied by deliberate focus.

I’ve found that in addition to reading meaningful scripture during this time, it has been helpful to learn more about the fasting focus. Some of the best materials I’ve found are “Fasting Can Save Your Life.” This is usually found in health food stores. Also, Fasting, by Jerry Falwell, and Jentezen Franklin has written on the subject as well.