Dr. Larry Langston

Why Not Today?

Why Not Today?

It’s a new year, what many call a new beginning. Countless people have set “New Year’s Resolutions,” determining to set new habits and overcome bad ones. Others openly mock such intentions and call it a waste of time. I’ve often wondered why we would ever attempt to discourage anyone from seeking to improve their character or quality of life.

Perhaps you are one who has considered developing a new skill, dropping a bad habit, or gaining a new one. My question for you is, “Why not today? Why allow another day to pass without you firmly resolving to have, be, or do what is possible? Perhaps you have considered it many times. New beginnings and change appeal to you. Why hesitate? You can do it! You can have what you should have. You can do what you should do. You can become what you should become. Determining what these are is called goal setting. Why not today?

There are some tools that might make your endeavor easier. (1) Write your intentions, goals, objectives. Add a picture to it. Look at it daily. Approximately 3% write their goals. And approximately 3% much more consistently achieve their goals. Obviously, there is a connection. (2) Pursue your dream daily. Experts say it takes 21 days of repeated focus to develop a new habit. Try this now; clasp your hands together, locking your fingers. . Which thumb is on top? The right or left one? Now switch hands. It feels different doesn’t it. New habits, new ventures, new behaviors feel different at first. But it becomes usual and comfortable the more often you do it. (3) Visualize yourself achieving your goal. Speak and act as if you already reached it. Your sub-conscious, sometimes called the super-conscious does not know the difference between what you tell it and reality. Your affirmations or confessions, are accepted as fact. It’s very important what you say. If you say, “I can’t, it accepts it as fact. If you say, “I can by the grace of God, it accepts it as fact. (4) Measure your progress and keep pressing forward. Why not today?

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